When I meet new artists, they all seem to want to talk about one of three things the most: Fame, Money or Giving Back. Some see music as a platform that will elevate them up out of their local neighborhood and earn then fame globally. That’s right, music can do that. Others see it being all about the Benjamins, chasing dollar signs as they climb the charts because we all know music can do that. Then there is this other group of socially conscious musicians looking to make an impact by giving back to their community and spreading the word for everyone. What I’m here to tell you today is, all three of those things are right, but what many seem to miss is it’s one big cycle.

The Cycle of Celebrity

Fame – The moment you lay down a track that people notice, the thing that comes first is the fame. Other artists have an ear for you, they notice you got something going on and the fans are smart enough to see it too. That turns into bigger concert venues, more views online, some attention from podcasters, DJs and media outlets which get your name better known.

Money – As long as you surround yourself with the right people and keep it real, that fame can quickly turn itself into cash. Those views, media appearances, concert tickets and side deals or promotions are what bring in all those dollars you’ve had your eye on. Some get lost, they lose their focus, their music suffers, they mistreat their fans, and they end up gone from the scene in the blink of an eye. Others learn to harness their fame, and make plans for that money coming in to build it and stack it into something special.

Giving Back – The real artists, the ones that are looking to last and be remembered all come to the same conclusion. It really doesn’t mean much if you can make a song that gets you famous so you can blow through a bunch of money on nonsense and then fade out. Instead, you gotta find ways to give back to the community, to help newer artists climb up along with you, to change the world and change the game. What you find out is this is the part of the cycle that has the longest lasting impact and brings you the most joy at the end of the day.

Mally Mall Puts It All Together For You

Eventually over time it becomes clear one feeds the other. Your fame makes you money, your money lets you give back, and giving back is the best way to become even more famous for doing the right thing. Then it repeats itself like a perfect chorus in the song of your life. You start looking forward and working toward all three parts of that cycle. Making great new music, collaborating with amazing artists, busting out chart topping hits, turning everyone platinum, and giving back big time to the community when it counts.


– Mally Mall