Sometimes all it takes to get noticed is a desire to do the right thing for the right reasons. Recently Mall Mall made the effort to acquire and distribute laptops within the community to school kids in need during the pandemic. It wasn’t done with a photo op, or any fanfare, it was done to simply put school gear into the hands of kids who needed it.

The Media is Taking Notice

Now, the media is taking notice and starting to shine it’s spotlight on Mally Mall for doing the right thing and improving the lives of others. That’s usually how it works and people who are coming up in the music industry may want to take notice of it. A lot of the time, doing the right thing is all it takes….

“The two things that seem to get the most attention, at least in my experience, are success and doing the right thing,” explained Mally Mall. “When you are starting out you want to find any way you can to get eyes on you, right, but that often leads to confusion and too many artists tend to go about it the wrong way. If you make great music, and do the right thing, your audience will find you, and so will everybody else.”

Keep in mind, seeking awards isn’t really a way to get them. Whether you want to win a Grammy, or a Blockbuster award… or hope to be recognized for your good deeds by someone like the people at Philanthropist Awards, the way you do all that is just by making a positive difference day to day. Make your next track tighter, show up to a charity event even if you’re jet-lagged, come together with other artists in ways that make the music and the community stronger. It’s about doing the right thing, and succeeding at doing it that really does make all the difference.

Stay Positive, Stay Strong and Help Everyone Move Forward

“Theres always gonna be those who try to drag you down, or want to see the whole world fail, for all the wrong reasons,” said Mall. “Anyone could do it if it was easy, what matters is how to keep your chin up, keep moving forward and keep making positive things happen. That’s where all the meaningful reward in life come true. Friends, family, community, and of course… the music.”